Navigator Stands in Solidarity with Demanding Racial Justice

Navigator Research stands in solidarity Black and Brown people across the country, who are demanding justice for Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others who have been killed and brutalized by a racist criminal justice system and a state which continues to fan the flames of white supremacy and hate.

Racism is deeply ingrained in American society and we must all do our part to atone for the nation’s history of genocide and slavery as well as dismantle its systemic oppression of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples. To affect change, we must demand that the necessary reforms be made to address America’s current and historic injustices: demilitarizing the police, calling for an end of over policing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, ending qualified immunity, and creating non-police first responder units. Navigator Research is committed to using our platform to lift up  movements, tell critically important stories, and shape the debate toward justice and action.  

Navigator has conducted research to help the public better understand how Americans’ opinions on race, policing, and democracy are changing in these tumultuous times. Since the summer, Navigator has explored public support for the protests following the death of George Floyd, favorability of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Americans’ desire to see big changes to the way police operate in this country. Our content will continue to focus on the coronavirus pandemic as well as topical and important findings pertaining to policing and racial injustice in America. In solidarity, Black Lives Matter.