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Majorities Oppose Republican Policies Like Book Banning and Punishing Companies For Not Endorsing Their Positions

Friday, May 13, 2022 By Bryan Bennett
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Key takeaways
  • Americans shifted from a slight majority believing the Republican Party was focused on the “right things” before the Roe v. Wade draft becamepublic, to a slight majority now saying they are focused on the “wrong things” – a double digit shift in just a week’s time.
  • Majorities oppose a range of Republican actions on social and cultural issues like book banning – though many Americans are not hearing as much about these actions.
  • Effective messaging to hold Republicans accountable highlights their focus on extreme legislation and controlling people’s individual choices instead of working to lower costs or achieve real policy changes.

Half of Americans Now See Republican Party as Focused on Wrong Things in a Shift from a Poll Fielded Pre-Roe Leak

The most significant declines in feeling the Republican Party is focused on the right things happened among Republicans (-17, from net +70 right things to +53), white Americans (-16, from +14 to -2), and Hispanic Americans (-12, from -6 to -18).

In a Poll Post-Roe Leak, Americans Most Persuadable on GOP Extremism Less Likely to Believe GOP Focused on Right Things

The same groups who moved away from the Republican Party in our early May poll after culture war messaging against Republicans also moved away from the Republican Party in real-time following the Supreme Court’s draft decision on Roe v. Wade.

Following SCOTUS Draft on Roe, There Has Been a Net Double-Digit Increase in Support for Court Expansion

Support increases to net +9 after explicitly mentioning the potential overturning of Roe and other major rulings.

Majorities Oppose GOP Actions Like Book Banning, Imperiling Roe – But Not Enough Americans Are Hearing About Them

While majorities of Americans oppose Republicans banning books and weakening Roe, just 24% are hearing “a lot” about Republican book banning and, before the draft decision on Roe was made public, just 29% had heard “a lot” about Republicans pushing to overturn it.

Republicans Focusing on Extremist Legislation Over Kitchen Table Issues & Getting Things Done Is Most Concerning

Among those who move to say the Republican Party is focused on the wrong things by the end of the poll, the most concerning statements highlight Republican focus on banning books over getting things done (81% concerning) and their focus on controlling people’s choices rather than proposing real policy change (74%).

Biden and Democrats Are More Trusted on a Range of Issues Related to Children and Their Mental Health

Among independents, Biden and Democrats are more trusted by 17 points to take care of children’s mental health and by 9 points to look out for young boys and girls, and parents trust Biden and Democrats more by 3 points on each issue.

Partisanship Divides Views of Both Disney and DeSantis, Though Disney Is Viewed More Favorably

While Democrats (net +66) and independents (+32) view Disney favorably, the company is underwater by 8 points among Republicans.

• Fox News Republicans are DeSantis’s staunchest supporters (net +76), whereas just 46% of non-Fox Republicans view him favorably.

Pluralities Oppose DeSantis Revoking Disney’s Special Tax Status

Republicans are the only partisan or racial group where a majority (62%) support the move to revoke Disney’s tax status.

About The Study

This release features findings from national online surveys of 999 registered voters conducted May 5-May 9, 2022. Additional interviews were conducted among 101 Hispanic voters, 100 African American voters, 100 independents without a partisan lean, and 101 Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

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