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Trump Has a Gut Feeling About What Covid-19 Means for 2020

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Nick Gourevitch, partner and managing director of the Democratic polling firm Global Strategies and a principal in the Democratic polling consortium Navigator Research, has been closely following trends since the coronavirus outbreak began. He emailed the following analysis:

“Our first tracker was released March 23rd, which coincided with a period of time after Trump stopped downplaying the virus as much. At that time (March 23rd), we saw his overall approval at minus 2 — 47 percent approve to 49 percent disapprove — which was unusually high for him. Since then the generic job approval started to slip and is now minus 5.” Beyond the job ratings, Gourevitch continued, “voters remain incredibly sour on his early response to the outbreak with 62 percent saying he did not take it seriously enough to start and 28 percent saying he got it about right.” In addition, according to Gourevitch, “a majority of voters ascribe negative traits to him as well, including 60 percent who say he is unprepared, 59 percent self-absorbed, and 55 percent chaotic.”

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