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Tracking Updates on the Supreme Court, Perceptions of Biden, and the Pandemic

Friday, March 25, 2022 By Bryan Bennett
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Key takeaways
  • Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court is supported by a 22-point margin.
  • While three in five Americans trust the Supreme Court to make the right decisions in the future as of today, overturning Roe v. Wade would make three in five distrust the Supreme Court to make the right decisions.
  • Three in five say America is doing better than other countries in our response to the pandemic, compared to just 40% who said the same during May 2020 under Trump.

Three in Five Trust Biden’s Judgment on Who Should Be the Next Supreme Court Justice

A majority of independents (53%) trust Biden’s judgment on who should be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Views of Jackson Have Grown More Favorable, Though Half Remain Unfamiliar; Nearly Half Support Her Confirmation

Since early February, there has been an 18-point increase in the share who have a favorable view of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and just a 7-point increase in the share who have an unfavorable view

  • Favorability of Judge Jackson among Black Americans has risen most sharply from six weeks ago (from 21% then to 54% now).

Americans Generally Trust SCOTUS, But Roe Is a Notable Exception

Independents are the only group that lacks trust in the Supreme Court when asked broadly, but when adding in context about Roe v. Wade potentially being overturned, net trust turns negative for both Democrats (net -18 trust) and Republicans (-6).

Among Those Hearing Positives About Biden, Support for Ukraine and Economic Sanctions Against Russia Stand Out

In a separate question, 74% report hearing a lot or some about Biden in the past few days, compared to 78% in the previous wave.

While Biden’s Approvals Overall and on the Economy Remain Underwater, His Pandemic Ratings Offer a Silver Lining

Biden’s approval ratings overall and on the economy have been consistently underwater, though he is in the positive on his pandemic approval (net +5).

Most Americans Maintain Optimism About the Worst of the Pandemic Being Behind Us

Republicans (63%) and Democrats (53%) are most likely to say the “worst is over,” while independents are more split – 41% say the “worst is over,” 32% say the “worst is yet to come,” and 27% are unsure.

American Response to Pandemic Rated Better Than Rest of the World Under Biden, a Reversal From Under Trump

Since May 2020, there has been a 44-point increase in the net share who say America is doing better than other countries with our response to the pandemic (from -11 to +33), including a 22-point increase among independents (from -20 to +2).

Just One in Five Hearing “a Lot” About Coronavirus Death Toll Nearing One Million, and Pluralities Say Reporting Is Accurate

The number of Americans who believe the number of coronavirus deaths is greater than what has been reported has dropped 13 points since May 2020 (from 45% to 32%).

About The Study

This release features findings from national online surveys of 1,000 registered voters conducted March 17-21, 2022. Additional interviews were conducted among 107 Hispanic voters, 102 African American voters, 96 independents without a partisan lean, and 79 Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

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